Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gangnam Mania

Who is this guy riding an invisible horse and had totally conquered the world through his funky and upbeat music? Move over Justin Bieber people are bored with your sappy love songs and even if Lady Gaga wear an outfit made of meat on his next video it's still not enough to beat the over 800 million youtube views (and still counting) with about 6 million likes to go that Psy has made.

In just four months Gangnam style became the most viewed music video in the music industry,  topping the charts all over the world with the sales reaching Gold up to 2xPlatinum in the world market. Mr. Scooter Braun will not let this Korean money maker  go anywhere. just recently Psy signed under Braun's Island Record Company ( the same record label of Carly Rae Japsen and Justin Bieber) so no more ties to K-Pop but welcome to Hollywood, I just wish him goodluck about that. So, lets get to know Psy a little bit.

Psy name is derived from the word Psycho but his real name is Park Jae-Sang,  he is a 30 year old Korean from Gangnam city the same city where you can see him dancing in his music video which is the richest district in South Korea, it is a combination of Silicon Valley, Beverly Hills, Manhattan Upper East Side, Wall Street and Miami's south beach all of it found in Gangnam.

Psy is married and have twin kids , comedy is his style for his music and he has been seen cross dressing for some of his concert imitating Beyonce, Lady Gaga and other famous KPop singers.

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