Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gotta Post This!

I just can't help but repost this pic that my friend reposted on Facebook. But don't worry guys it's just one of those women's mean joke. LoL

Men are always whining about how we are suffocating them.

Personally, I think if you can hear them whining you're not pressing hard enough on the pillow!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Beauty of a Snow Flake Up Close!

Snow has always been the symbol of winter but we really never take a good look as close as this one. I took a photo of a snow flake outside and this is how it looked like with the naked eye.

Now let's take a much closer look. Somebody took this photo and since I don't have a good camera as he got I might as well re-post this awesome photo of a snowflake too. A true beauty of nature indeed, God have an awesome detailed architecture that we never realize and it's just all around us.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Humans can Fly?

Wingsuit Flying has become famous for the extreme sports fanatic these days. The modern jumpsuit design was inspired by a flying squirrel's body. This is what makes a man think that it is possible for humans to fly too!

We all know that flying squirrels can't really fly, they glide into the air and use their flat tails to stir, the only  reason they can hang into the air for a long period of time is because their body weighs only 3 ounces. On the other hand, flying with this wingsuit can only be performed jumping or exiting in a high altitude areas such as a cliff, a paraglider, a hot air balloon or a helicopter. It requires more skill to exit a moving aircraft because of the difference from the initial wind speed it provides. A wingsuit jumper will deploy his parachute using the same altitude that sky divers follow.

Here is the awesome video of a wingsuit flying taken in Norway


A Beautiful View.... Oooppss!

Here is one of my favorite Facebook photos which is supposed to be a capture of a  breath taking view, a panoramic landscape, a picture of serenity brought to you by mother nature. Who wouldn't stop by, smile and strike a pose at the camera? Just a little advice, next time don't get too excited to post on your wall without a second look, you might regret being famous in a wrong way. Like? :-)

World Record! Biggest Wave Ever Surfed in History

It's just another ordinary day in Nazare Portugal, where waves are gigantic and surfers from all over the world gather to experience the adrenaline rush to surf one of the country's famous monstrous waves. Here you can see Garrett McNamara (45 yrs old, and a professional extreme big wave surfer from Massachusetts)  being towed by a jet-ski using his 6 0 Brewer Tow-Board surfing the 90 ft tall watery death. Isn't that amazing?

Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

In Japan, a girl collected eggs for breakfast from their hen farm and to her amazement one egg was ridiculously enormous it was 8.1 centimeter high and weighed 158 grams, all excited and curious they start filming the egg to open it and as a freak of nature the egg has another completely formed egg inside! So which which really came first? hmnnnnn

Here's the video 


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