Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Before They Pass Away by Jimmy Nelson

The renowned photographer Jimmy Nelson traveled 44 countries to meet over 30 tribes around the world for 2 years.

He captured the picture of the disappearing tribal group in his travels using his 50 yr old traditional plate camera. According to Nelson it has changed his life ever since he started meeting the tribes. It is indeed considered as one of humanity's treasure to still meet people who have lived in a primitive style. The world is now evolving and we get used and rely on the technology that men has invented yet these tribes live harmoniously with nature and has very little connection with the rest of us living in the civilized world runned by paper money. God is indeed has reminders that everything we need is already provided for us in this earth. The way of life of this tribal group is enough evidence that Nature creates a big role as our divine providence. I hope that each of us will help save the world's precious cultural heritage.

Here is a message from Nelson
In 2009, I planned to become a guest of 31 secluded and visually unique tribes. I wanted to witness their time-honored traditions, join in their rituals and discover how the rest of the world is threatening to change their way of life forever. Most importantly, I wanted to create an ambitious aesthetic photographic document that would stand the test of time. A body of work that would be an irreplaceable ethnographic record of a fast disappearing world.
Elegant and evocative portraits created with a 4 x 5 camera. The detail that is attained by using such large negatives would provide an extraordinary view into the emotional and spiritual lives of the last indigenous peoples of the world. At the same time, it would glorify their varying and unique cultural creativity with their painted faces, scarified bodies, jewelry, extravagant hairstyles and ritual language.

The complete photos created by Jimmy Nelson are collected in his book "Before they pass away" which is also limited XXL edition a must buy for everyone.

Check out some of the amazing Hollywood like selections of Jason Nelson's pictures down here!



 CHUKCHI    “The way you treat your dog in this life determines your place in heaven”

DANI   “If the hand does nothing, the mouth does not chew”

DASSANECH   “A close friend can become a close enemy”

DROKPA   “Boast during the day, be humble at night”

GAUCHOS     “A Gaucho without a horse is only half a man”



HIMBA  “Don’t start your farming with cattle, start it with people”

HULI    “Knowledge is only rumour until it is in the muscle”

HUAORANI  “As our ancestors live, so will we live; as our ancestors died, so will we die”



 LADAKHI  “The land is so harsh and the passes so numerous, that only the best of friends or the worst of enemies would visit you”


MAASIA “Lions can run faster than us, but we can run farther”


MURSI  “It’s better to die than live without killing”

 MUSTANG  “The one who is guilty has the higher voice”

RABARI   “It is morning whenever you wake up”

SAMBURU    “A deaf ear meets with death, a listening ear with blessings”

TSATAAN    “If there were no reindeer we would not exist”


YALI    “If the hand does nothing, the mouth does not chew”

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Meet Migaloo

Meet Migaloo. the very rare white humpback whale that has been first spotted in the Gold Coast of Australia in 1991. It is believed that Migaloo is the only white (albino) humpback whale that exist in the world. Since then, the world's most famous whale was being monitored by the Pacific Whale Foundation to ensure his safety and health. The last time it was spotted was on September 26, 2012.

The name Migaloo means "white fella" in the Aboriginal Australian language. The whale was reported to being visited by many foreigners and Australians during its migration from Australia to the Antarctic every year.

Watch the video as these lucky guys had a very close encounter with the white whale. 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Do they look like twins?

Have you ever encountered people saying hey! you look like my friend or you remind me of my neighbor, my cousin etc.? Women might cringe of the thought but guys would just be like, cool! I would like to meet him (like wearing the same shirt/dress scenario). But what if there is someone out there who is definitely unrelated to you but look exactly the same as you are?

That is what the Canadian photographer named Francois Brunelle wanted to showcase on his exhibit entitled I'm not a look-alike. The essence of the said project is not to take photos of persons with celebrity look-alikes but to capture pictures of ordinary people who are not blood related, born in a different country but share the same physique with a very little possible difference.

As a man fascinated with doppelgangers or simply look-alikes, Francois started his project in Canada targeting 200 pairs from all over the world to be photographed in black and white resolution. If you have a double and interested to be a part of the said project contact Francois to join. Your picture will be featured in his book and it will be shown on his exhibit around the world.

Official Page and Photos by: Francois Brunelle

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Crazy Make up Transformation

Featuring Ms. Promise Tamang Phan! The girl with the thousand faces. If you ever checked for make up tutorials on YouTube, you will surely stumble upon one of her videos. With the talent like hers who wouldn't get a million+ subscribers and a 154 million views on Youtube?
Promise started as a huge fan of Michelle Phan who is a famous make up guru and a beauty product endorser on YouTube. She has been following Michelle's tutorials and later on they become friends on Facebook and that's how she met Michelle's brother Steve who became her husband. As many thought that she and Michelle are sisters the truth is they are sisters in law.

Promise who has the username dope2111 started uploading her videos in 2009 and had transformed her self into many famous celebrities,
fictional characters and even as Mona Lisa! My favorite is the Beyonce transformation starring Steve as Jay Z and a baby doll as Blue Ivy. Although she has proven what she can do with the stroke of an eyeliner, a brush of make up and a dab of concealers this 22 yr old Nepalese-American clearly stated to her followers that she is not a professional make up artist and had never been into a make up class ever in her life.

Click read more for more Photos..

Friday, February 8, 2013

My Kind of Lake!

Lake Hillier

This pink lake found in Middle Island, Western Australia is really one fabulous freak of nature. I guess a lot of women would love to visit this lake and hang out with the rest of the sorority girls during summer vacation, but sorry sisters it is strictly prohibited to even come close near this spot. The color of the water doesn't change when you put it on a container as it is proven to be permanent just like a pink lemonade kool aid drink. 
The reason why the color of the water turns to pink remains undetermined up to this day, but according to scientific studies and research there is a high probability that a green microalgae called Dunaliella Salina causes the water to turn pink. A halobacteria and the unusual high salt concentration in the water can also be one of the few factors that creates the flamboyant pink hue.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Retro Movies Behind the Scene Photos

Jaws (1975) 
Mechanical Shark by Steven Spielberg

Ever wonder how it looked like in real life while Kate and Leonardo struggle to survive in the cold sea in the movie Titanic? Some of these photos tells us how our all time favorite classic movies were made behind the scene. These photos shows how meticulous it is to create a realistic effect to bring satisfaction and amazement to film fanatics.

All kudos to the great directors and its crew, from the engineers, artists, special effects staffs and researchers. Because of them we are able to enjoy
such great movies in the past thinking that way back in the 90's we have very few resources and technology is not as advanced in comparing to what we have today.

I can bet every movie lovers can tell what movie is on the picture without even reading the captions. Here are some of the greatest retro movies of all time (behind the scenes).

See more pictures..

Monday, January 28, 2013

Chain Dance in Europe

A Circle Dance or "Horo" is a dance that has originated in the Balkans or part of the South Eastern Europe. The Balkan countries are:

1. Albania
2. Bosnia
3. Bulgaria
4. Croatia
5. Greece
6. Macedonia
7. Montenegro
8. Romania
9. Turkey

The celebration is performed in different social events such as weddings, birthdays and important Holidays. Horo or Hora/Ora is performed without a partner, anybody can join the chain by holding on the last person's hand immediately following the movement of the steps while the group moves in circles. For example, in Greece the dance step is a little bit complicated as it includes squatting in crossed legs with a dozen of different steps, moving inside the circle and going back in position and a few 360 degree turns (including a few breaking of plates). In some countries like Serbia, the steps can be learned in less than 10 minutes, even a complete stranger or foreigner can join any moment as the steps are simple. The only difference in a Serbian Circle dance is that the music will go faster when each round is completed, while the music accelerates the steps and the group should dance faster and should cope up with the rhythm without a mistake. The fun starts when the dancers can't catch up and just give up, leaving the best dancer with the highest stamina feel like a winner.

This traditional dance brings relaxation, joy and unity of families and friends. Here is an example video of the colorful and envious tradition they have in many years. Dancers in this video are not professionals and just normal European citizens.



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