Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Crazy Make up Transformation

Featuring Ms. Promise Tamang Phan! The girl with the thousand faces. If you ever checked for make up tutorials on YouTube, you will surely stumble upon one of her videos. With the talent like hers who wouldn't get a million+ subscribers and a 154 million views on Youtube?
Promise started as a huge fan of Michelle Phan who is a famous make up guru and a beauty product endorser on YouTube. She has been following Michelle's tutorials and later on they become friends on Facebook and that's how she met Michelle's brother Steve who became her husband. As many thought that she and Michelle are sisters the truth is they are sisters in law.

Promise who has the username dope2111 started uploading her videos in 2009 and had transformed her self into many famous celebrities,
fictional characters and even as Mona Lisa! My favorite is the Beyonce transformation starring Steve as Jay Z and a baby doll as Blue Ivy. Although she has proven what she can do with the stroke of an eyeliner, a brush of make up and a dab of concealers this 22 yr old Nepalese-American clearly stated to her followers that she is not a professional make up artist and had never been into a make up class ever in her life.

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Please check out her channels as I am a big fan of hers:
Youtube --->

Here are some of her Photos from Youtube:

Promise without Make Up

Promise as Beyonce

Promise as Adriana Lima

Promise as Drake

Promise as Adelle

Promise as Edward Scissor Hands

Promise as Angelina Jolie

Promise as Lady Gaga

Promise as Emily

Promise as Pocahontas

Promise as Mona Lisa

Promise as Maleficent

Promise as Jack Sparrow

Promise as Lil Wayne

Promise as Nicki Minaj

Promise as Princess Zelda

Promise as Scarlett Johansson

Promise as Mystique

Promise as Ugly Betty

Promise as Princess Jasmine

Promise as Neytiri

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