Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cool Kitchen Cheat Sheet

I found this very helpful kitchen cheat sheet and thought of sharing to everybody. I think this doesn't apply only to mothers but also to everybody who likes to stack foods and loves to cook but is always wondering and googling all the time when they need to know something about the metric conversion and cooking times for specific foods like vegetables and meat.

This sheet also shows the proper way on how to stack foods to keep it fresh, how to identify parts of the meat and even freezer storage times for fish, meats or vegetable with exact food temperature for each and tips on what shouldn't be stored in your fridge. A cool idea is to print this sheet and if you know a little basics in Photoshop you can change the color and add some funky arts before putting on a frame and hanging on your kitchen wall.

. Kitchen Cheat Sheet.
. . .


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  2. This is pretty awesome to have, you can print it out and tape it to the inside of a cabinet.



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